Monday, July 23, 2012

The Guest Book (book review)

Looking for a great summer read? Look no further than Marybeth Whalen's latest novel, The Guest Book. Set at one of my favorite places--a North Carolina beach--reading The Guest Book almost makes my toes feel like they're sunk in the sand. I've signed lots of guest books in bed and breakfast inns, but I've never drawn pictures, as Macy Dillon has. She drew her first guest book picture when she was just five, and she was delighted when her family returned to the inn the following year to discover that a little boy had drawn her a picture in reply. This pattern continued for over ten years, until Macy's family decided they couldn't bear to return because of the painful memories of her recently deceased father that the beach brought.

Fast forward another ten years, and Macy is once more returning to Sunset Beach with her family, including her own five-year-old daughter. Macy hopes to finally discover the identity of the boy who once captured her heart with his drawings, but when three possibilities present themselves, the search becomes harder instead of easier.

The ending actually surprised me! I stayed up late two nights in a row to finish the book; it was a page turner for sure.

*Disclaimer: Zondervan gave me a free copy of this book in exchange for a review, but the opinions expressed are my own.