Monday, June 18, 2012

One Thing

I am the queen of multitasking. Just ask anyone who knows me well. Some people would even say I'm the queen of efficiency. But I wouldn't go that far, and neither would the people who live in my house with me. When I start juggling too many balls, they start falling, one by one.

The more I do, the less I get done. Huh? Here's a paraphrase: the more things I try to do at the same time, the longer each one takes. Make sense? I've been hearing from multiple sources recently that I should cut back on all the different things I'm doing, and I'm inclined to agree. And I've been hearing from my agent that I need to finish my book.

So, that's what I'm doing this week. (Well, mostly! I'm still getting the hang of this one-thing-at-a-time process!) I'm sequestered at a hotel (not near enough to the shore) in Charleston to finish my book. No kids. No hubby (thanks, honey!). No (other) blog posts. Not much email. Not much school work. No planning for my new high schooler's four-year plan. No lesson plans for college classes. No laundry. Just writing the book. This morning I had 17,000 words to write, plus a major revision of several chapters. I've written nearly 2,000 words already and revised those chapters, so I would say that my one thing is working.

While I can't expect to go off and complete every project on my own in general, I can open only 1 browser tab at a time; I can complete 1 writing project at a time; I can work on planning 1 class at a time.

Q4U: What ONE THING do you need to focus on right now?

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