Monday, May 7, 2012

Musical Intelligence

General Characteristics

People who exhibit a strong inclination to musical intelligence embody the definite pitch, rhythm, and timbre aspects of music. They love to listen to music, and they love to create (on different levels) music. They usually have strong emotional reactions to certain music as well.

Curricula Planning

·         Raps
·         Music
·         Facts set to music
·         Rhythms
·         Mood music (background)


·         CD player/CDs/mp3s
·         Rhythm instruments
·         Musical (melody) instruments
·         Music software

Teaching Strategies

Objective: Incorporate music, environmental sounds, and rhythms
·         Sing
·         Rap
·         Listen
·         Play instrument


·         Collect music from time period being studied
·         Create a song or rhythm for a set of facts
·         Choose music to depict characters, characteristics, movement