Thursday, May 24, 2012

Multiple Intelligences: Conclusion

I hope learned about multiple intelligences and how they can work for you in your homeschool! Current debate regards whether or not a spiritual and/or existential intelligence should be added. I could not find up-to-date documentation with information about either one, so I chose not to include it here on my blog.

Let's do a quick recap of all of the multiple intelligences:

  • Linguistic Intelligence = word smart 
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence = logic smart 
  • Spatial Intelligence = picture smart 
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence = body smart 
  • Musical Intelligence = music smart 
  • Interpersonal Intelligence = people smart 
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence = self smart 
  • Naturalist Intelligence = nature smart

If you want to learn more, visit my website, then click on "Portfolio Projects," then click on the "Multiple Intelligences" tab.