Thursday, April 26, 2012

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

General Characteristics

The logical-mathematical intelligence has at its roots “a confrontation with the world of objects,” (Gardner 1993, pg. 129). People displaying a high level of logical-mathematical intelligence can usually perform calculate arithmetic problems very quickly, even advanced problems. A high affinity for scientific endeavors also falls into this category. These individuals are attracted to order and patterns, especially as it relates to numbers and mathematical and scientific symbols.

Curricula Planning

·         Brain teasers
·         Problem solving
·         Science experiments
·         Number games


·         Calculators
·         Math manipulatives
·         Math games
·         Science equipment

Teaching Strategies

Objective: Incorporate numbers, calculations, logic, classifications, and critical thinking skills
·         Quantify
·         Think critically
·         Logical framework
·         Experiments
·         Socratic questioning


·         Present statistics
·         Present sequential cause-effect chart
·         Write down formulas
·         Quantify