Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good Enough

For a perfectionist, the words "good enough" make us cringe. But in my recent reflections, I've come to the conclusion that sometimes good enough really is good enough. On the radio the other day (local K-Love), the DJs were saying something about realizing that sometimes a good enough marriage is good enough. We're not cut out to be perfect mates, so why should we expect that our marriage be perfect? Homeschooling moms don't live in a sterile environment, so why should we expect that our houses always look perfect?

Much to my great surprise, I'm not the only one on this wavelength. My daughter posted a new poem on her blog today entitled "Good Enough for Me." Her way with words puts a different spin on this idea.

Let's decide together that this year, our homeschools ARE good enough, our houses ARE clean enough, and we ARE organized enough. For right now. I don't want to preclude working towards truly needed improvements; I just want to erase the inadequate feelings of not good enough.

Are you in?