Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Year’s Curriculum

We’ve just finished week 4 of our school year, so I figured it was time to catch y’all up on what we’re using and how things are going. Are you ready for another true confessions post? Good, because that’s what’s coming!

The most different aspect of this year is that my older daughter is now a COLLEGE STUDENTS! Crazy, I know, but they tell me that’s what happens after you graduate them from high school. Go figure. Since she is waaaaay too young to be living on campus anywhere, she is attending our local community college (4 courses) and taking 1 course at a new branch (at our church) of a small Christian college. She loves it and is thriving. That makes me happy Smile. Of course, that also makes me crazy because she doesn’t have her driver’s license yet. Oh yeah, I’m also teaching 2 English classes at said community college.

Anyway, let’s focus on  my younger daughter now. She’s working through 8th grade. “That’s the last year of middle school, you know, Mom!” Since I had previously decided not to follow the same academic track as I had used with my older daughter, 8th grade was up in the air. We used Sonlight’s Eastern Hemisphere history curriculum last year and enjoyed it, so I decided to go with their 1-year world history track for this year. I figured it would give Miss Kitten a solid foundation before we hit Veritas Press’s Omnibus next year. For Bible, we’re using The Life of Christ by Positive Action for Christ, and we’re really enjoying it.

For math, we made the switch to Teaching Textbooks for pre-algebra, and so far, it’s getting the stamp of approval from both of us. We stuck with Apologia for science, and we’re scooting right along with Physical Science.

English continues to be a conglomeration of several different curricula, but it’s working fairly well. Vocabulary from Classical Roots B, Fix-It!, and The Lost Tools of Writing (with a few other kids) comprise our English in addition to the literature books from Sonlight.

We’re attempting logic this year. I thought starting with The Fallacy Detectives would make for a smooth transition, but only with my help. Art, again with a few friends, is Artistic Pursuits, Jr. High book 1, while Spanish is from the 10-Minutes a Day series. I now have Spanish labels all over my house, but it sure does help with vocabulary words.

So, that’s what we’re doing for 8th grade this year. What are you all using and how is it working for you?