Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Got Vision? Part 3


I’ve covered goals we want our children to achieve before they leave our home and our reasons for homeschooling as part of sharing our family’s homeschooling vision, originally composed in 1999. This week, I’m going to focus on the big questions that everyone—including the grocery store cashiers—asks: What about socialization?

Here’s what we think about the whole socialization issue:

  • We want to socialize our children in ways that will be honoring to God, rather than their peers.
  • We want control over our kids’ friends and contacts.
  • Our children do not need over 1,000 hours a school year of interaction with kids who could possibly be a bad influence on them.
  • Our children need to learn how to relate well to people of all ages and in all situations, not just to kids their own age in a classroom setting.
  • Our children are/will be involved in various church, co-op, and community activities with kids their own age. They will be permitted to choose one other sports activity at a time according to their own interests.
  • We aren’t hermits, and we are not raising our children to be such.

Q4U: What do you think about the whole socialization issue?