Monday, June 27, 2011

Got Vision? Part 2


In Got Vision? Part 1, I outlined our original goals that we want our children to achieve before they leave our home.

Today, I’m going to outline our reasons for homeschooling. While my parents and our church family were thrilled at the prospect, not everyone else was as happy. We needed to have concrete reasons to present to the doubters (who have been converted in the years since, by the way!).

  • Safety—the most physically, mentally, and morally safe place for our children is in our home, under our direct supervision.
  • We will be able to lay a stronger foundation in godly morals and our family values.
  • Our children will each have an individualized education—with flexibility and different choices for curricula and other activities.
  • Our curricula will have a Christian world view in all subjects; the Bible will be a basis for all other learning.
  • Our children will be in a nurturing environment.
  • We want to strive for academic excellence.

Q4U: What are your reasons for homeschooling?