Wednesday, June 15, 2011

500 Writing Prompts for Kids: First Grade through Fifth Grade (review)

500 Writing Prompts for Kids is chock full of open-ended questions that will stimulate kids' imaginations in no time. They'll be having so much fun that they won't even notice they're writing paragraphs. The prompts, in 10 different categories, can be used for journal exercises, classroom activities, extra credit projects, writing tests, poems, songs, adding to art, or just about anything else.

What a fabulous tool for homeschool teachers or classroom teachers (grades 1-5)! "They" (you know, those unnamed experts) say that the more kids write--about anything--the better their writing skills become. Cohen's e-book takes away the "But I don't know what to write about!" issue. 500 prompts go a looong way. I love the fact that he also provides a creative ideas for using the writing prompts.

CONTEST: The author is hosting a giveaway of a $50 Amazon gift card (plus another $50 gift card if the book gets in the Top 500 in sales on Amazon). His goal is to have at least 25 reviews of his new book (of which I am 1),  and anybody who comments on the review with their e-mail address will be entered into the giveaway. One lucky winner from all of the entries (or two if the book crests the top 500) would receive the $50 gift card.

THE FINE PRINT: I am NOT personally giving away a $50 Amazon gift card. You will be ENTERED into a DRAWING to win the $50 gift card from the AUTHOR. And, he wants you to leave your email address in with your comment here on my blog. Questions? Let me know!

This e-book was provided to me by the author, Bryan Cohen, for free in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed are my own.