Friday, April 1, 2011

April e-Book Special!

I'm happy to announce that throughout the entire month of April, my e-book Demystifying Homeschool Portfolios will be on sale for 20% off of the regular price! Start your spring cleaning by getting those pesky paper piles under control once and for all! Click here to go to my business website, then click on the "E-Books" link at the top.

What does a hard-working homeschooling mom do with all those 3-D projects, art papers, grammar workbooks, math tests? Keep everything? Yikes! Throw them away? Horrors! When Grandma’s fridge is full, there is an alternative that can make both the savers and the throwers happy, believe it or not. The solution is to make a portfolio to showcase a selection of each student’s best work throughout the school year. Learn the whys and hows of creating homeschool portfolios. Discover creative means of preserving and documenting non-paper items. Receive step-by-step instructions and encouragement along the way, whether you’re just starting or have twelve years’ worth of stuff to sort.

Q4U: Have you ever done portfolios for your children's schoolwork? What kind did you do?