Monday, February 28, 2011

Taming the Paper Monster on Sale!

I'm happy to announce that throughout the entire month of March, my e-book Taming the Paper Monster will be on sale for 20% off of the regular price! Start your spring cleaning by getting those pesky paper piles under control once and for all! Click here to go to my business website, then click on the "E-Books" link at the top.

Have papers taken over your desk? Do you have to throw magazines, newspapers, and old invitations on the floor to find your couch? How often have you forgotten to make brownies for youth group or to sign a permission slip for a field trip? Learn how to Tame the Paper Monster once and for all. 

In Taming the Paper Monster, you’ll discover what papers need to be saved and which ones can be tossed; you’ll learn the secrets of setting up an effective binder or filing system that you’ll actually use. Organizing guru Bethany LeBedz lets you in on all these secrets and more.