Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 5 of Organization ~ Top 10 Must-Have Tools

Have you ever wondered what the most necessary tools are for homeschooling? Step into The Organized Homeschool Mom's schoolroom and find out. Here are her top ten must-have tools to get and stay organized for the school year. Remember, not all of these supplies have to be bought brand new at a fancy office supply store. You'll find you already have many of these items in your house, or that you have the materials to make your own tools. Shoeboxes make good math manipulative storage boxes, for example, and soup cans can be decorated to make pencil holders. Be creative, and get your children involved in the process. Above all, get started, it may take awhile. This is the list, check out the full article here for what to do with all these nifty tools. 

  1. Bookshelves 
  2. Binders 
  3. 3-hole punch because not every piece of paper comes ready to file 
  4. Baskets and/or shoe boxes (cardboard or Rubbermaid-type) 
  5. Various small containers for paper clips, tacks, small manipulatives, erasers, and staples 
  6. Letter stacking trays 
  7. Calendars 
  8. Lesson planners (books or computer programs) 
  9. Timers 
  10. Keep it organized! If you get it out, put it away right away and train you children to do the same thing.

Yes, this is a re-post, but it really needed to be added to this 10 Days of Organization blog hop :-).

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