Monday, January 3, 2011

Help Me Write a Book

Would you like to see a lot of the great organizing tips in one helpful book format? Great, me too! In order to make it the most helpful for you, my faithful readers, I'd like to get your feedback on some specifics.

These are the current topics I have slated. Am I missing anything vital?

1. Getting Started Organizing
2. Setting Up a Physical Space
3. Top Tools of Homeschool Organization
4. More Tools of the Trade
5.  Taming the Paper Monster
6. Setting Up a Binder System
7. Setting Up a Filing System
8. Organizing Computer Files
9. Demystifying Portfolios
10. Creating Portfolios
11. Planning for the Long Haul
12. Scheduling for the Overcommitted
13. Keeping It Organized

What is the perfect number of pages per chapter to read for a how-to book?

I'm sure I'll have more questions for y'all soon, but if you could PLEASE help me out now by leaving me some comments, I would really appreciate it!

Guess my original post on this topic got lost in the shuffle right before Christmas because I didn't get any feedback! So, I'm rerunning it in hopes of garnering some comments.