Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections and Motivations

I read a challenging blog post by Rachelle Gardner the other day that talked about the motivations behind goals and resolutions. I think I'm going to try that approach this year.

Resolutions flop too easily, and I hate the feeling of defeat when I have chocolate cake instead of celery on January 2. Goals feel more attainable, but aren't always realistic. Sure, I'd love to have my book published in 2011, but will that really happen?

Besides, by addressing my underlying motivations, I can constantly evaluate whether or not a particular activity--or even thought pattern--will help or hinder my true desires. So, here's what I really want for my life to be in 2011:

More spiritually mature

Q4U: What are some of your underlying motivations for the new year? Will you still make resolutions?