Monday, September 13, 2010

Coming Soon . . .

Koko Company Silk Coverlet in Turquoise / LimeWhen I think of fall, I think of fresh starts: school, organizing, decorating, cleaning, upcoming holidays, and more. CSN Stores (online) has over 200 different stores with a wide variety of offerings. If you're thinking about cozy, modern bedding for the cooler months, look no further. 
Honey Can Do Thiple Laundry Sorter in ChromeMy laundry room needs a complete overhaul. Everyone seems to think he (or she!) can just toss dirty clothes on top of my dryer instead of using designated hampers. I'm thinking that a triple laundry sorter would be just the thing. 
And, maybe I'll need one of these ironing board holders with a basket to make room in my cramped laundry room for that sorter. I can't wait to receive my free products from CSN Stores to organize my laundry room and to review! 
Spectrum Ironing Board Holder with Basket - 893X

And, here's the fun part, later on, I'm doing a GIVEAWAY for y'all!!!! So, you might want to start making your lists now, because there are a ton of selections.