Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day in the Life

Have you wondered what a day in the life of the Organized Homeschool Mom looks like? First of all, in spite of all my schedules and routines, no two days are exactly alike. Sigh. But, here's a typical school day for me:

6:30 - alarm buzzes
7:00-8:30 - exercise, devotions, shower, etc.
8:30-noon - laundry, keep the kids rolling on schoolwork, write, edit, blog, check Facebook and email
Afternoons - we keep plugging away at school work on the few days we're home; other days we have co-op classes, 4-H, gymnastics, and other pursuits
5:00 - panic because hubby will be home soon looking for dinner
5:30 - dinner
Evenings - out for various activities, more work on the computer
10:00 - watch TV and fold clothes or read
11:00 - crash

The kids' schedules look similar, but they get up later (around 7:30) and do school all morning and part of the afternoon until they're finished with their assignments. Then they're on the computer, playing on the Wii, riding bikes outside, reading, or some other activity with friends.

Here's your TRUE CONFESSION for today (haven't had one in a while): my schedule is one area that I know needs to be worked on. I have many commitments and often feel rushed. This year one of my goals is to get my use of time under control. I know everyone is busy, but we all have the same 24 hours in a day; I need to use mine more wisely. Yes, I've read many time management books (homeschool and others), but the problem is finding something that will work for ME and sticking to it.

Q4U: If you're stopping by on the Not Back to School Blog Hop, let me know so I can hop over to your blog. Leave me a note and tell me what your schedule looks like right now.