Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Creative Spaces

Everyone's house is different (ok, maybe not if you live in a cookie-cutter development), so a one-size-fits-all organizing mentality doesn't work. I try to be sensitive of that and to offer a variety of options when I write my how-to posts.

The other week, I posted about our schoolroom makeover (read it here if you missed it the first time around). You can also revisit my post about crafty container storage if you need to. Today, I want to share an article called "How to Create an Easy and Great-Looking Workspace" by Debra Ross, author of Kids Out and About (western NY area).

Q4U: Care to share how you organize your homeschooling space? If you email me pics and a longer description, I'll feature YOU in an upcoming blog post! You're welcome just to leave a brief comment here, though.