Friday, January 8, 2010

Headsprouts: Review and GIVEAWAY!

Looking for an online reading supplement for your kindergarten through second grade student? Looking for an engaging, online reading comprehension program for your second through fourth grader? Look no further than

Headsprout’s Early Reading program ensures (with a money-back guarantee) reading success for every child. The 80 online lessons are phonics based, individualized, and adaptable. Cute graphic themes offer fluent knowledge of more than 90 phonetic elements and more than 100 sight words with lots of repetition disguised as fun games. Kids will be reading at a mid-second grade level by the end of the program.

Headsprout’s Reading Comprehension program takes your second through fourth grader to the next level. It teaches the reasoning behind the comprehension questions, not just rote memorization. It teaches strategies to answer literal, inferential, derived meaning (vocab.) and main idea comprehension questions with built-in assessments and performance reports in 50 fun, engaging, online lessons.

Teaching your child to read and comprehend what he is reading are two of the most important investments you can make in your child’s education. Get the help you need from a researched, tested and guaranteed program: Headsprouts. Please check their Web site for complete pricing details (at the bottom of the FAQ page). They’re kind of long and complicated to list here.

Now for the fun part: my first ever giveaway!! Here’s what’s included: my online access code (for both the early reading and reading comprehension programs), a folder containing fun posters, incentives, and explanations, a plastic ruler with the Headsprout characters printed on it, a green plastic bracelet, a “Read to Me” button, a flashing Headsprout button, and a Comprehension Companion, volume 1.

To be fair, I’ve got to include some rules: 1. Only enter if you have a child in the K–4 grade age range and will use the program. 2. Enter by leaving me a comment. 3. Only enter once. 4. You must have an easy way for me to contact you in your entry (email or blog address is best). 5. The giveaway is open until Wednesday, January 13 at noon EST. At that time, I will hold a random drawing and notify the winner. I’ll also post the winner’s name here. 6. Valid only in the US (sorry!). 7. Disclosure: Headsprout provided me with free access to their program and the other fun giveaway stuff. No other payment was received from them.