Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CUTE Noah's Ark Play Set

One 2 Believe has done it again! Their Tales of Glory Noah's Ark figurine set is absolutely adorable! The Noah’s Ark set includes Noah, the ark (which opens for storage), and seven pairs of animals (fourteen altogether). Help your kids ages 3+ act out the story of Genesis 6–9.

The Noah’s Ark play set is made of PVC for non-toxic sturdiness. The 3-inch size is perfect for little hands. It also comes with a miniature storybook with the story of Noah in language your little ones can easily understand.

If you’re tired of your kids emulating worldly action heroes, give them biblical heroes with which to play. One 2 Believe has a whole line-up of quality, biblical play sets. The Noah’s Ark play set is only $29.99 and will provide hours of creative play while espousing biblical ideals.