Saturday, February 21, 2009

SpellQuizzer Review

Do your kids want to practice spelling without writing the words over and over again? Are you tired of saying the same spelling words repeatedly? The innovative SpellQuizzer spelling program solves these problems and more.

Simply record vocally each week’s spelling words and a clue phrase, then type in the correct spelling of each word once and you’re done. Your child can select the appropriate lesson and practice her spelling words as many times as needed. If a word is typed incorrectly, the correct spelling is shown and at the end of the list, your child is prompted to redo the wrong words again. My fifth grader gave SpellQuizzer two thumbs up—cool, interesting, and fun!

A single license for the SpellQuizzer spelling software is only $29.95. You just download it onto the computer your child uses and it’s ready to go. It can be used by multiple children for multiple years. SpellQuizzer is not just a spelling program; it can also be used to quiz children on vocabulary words. It’s totally customizable. SpellQuizzer works with any spelling program. Try it FREE for thirty days. What a novel idea and a great bargain!