Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Missing Link: Found

The Missing Link: Found, by Christina and Felice Gerwitz, Media Angels

Have you taken a look, a good look, at popular pre-teen and teen literature recently? I have and I have not been impressed. Media Angels, a publishing company owned by homeschool veterans, is dedicated to bringing fun, clean, Christian literature back into the young adult genre.

The Truth Seekers Mystery Series is co-authored by a teenager and her mother. My aspiring fiction writer enjoyed and was encouraged by reading a book authored by a fellow teen. My preteen was practically biting her fingernails throughout the book wondering what would happen next. They actually fought over The Missing Link: Found when it arrived. I will be ordering the other two books in the series! The entire three-book set is only $22.00, and each book is $8.99.

The Missing Link: Found was written by a teenager, not a professional writer. If you’re looking for non-fluff, this is not it. If you’re looking for fluff with Christian values, then this series is for you.