Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The First Day of School '08-'09

What did the very organized homeschool mom’s first day of school look like? Were all the desks cleared off? Were all the pencils sharpened and in neat little pencil holders? Were all the lesson plans ready, printed off and sitting on each child’s desk? Yes, yes, and yes. But the answer to the first question is that the very organized homeschool mom had a panic attack about everything not being completely perfect! Yikes! Okay, a side note here: the downside to being very organized and somewhat of a perfectionist is that I tend to be quite tense and get stressed out easily. Whew! There’s another true confession for those of you who are keeping track of those.

Oooo, here comes another true confession: I was so busy trying to make sure that everything was organized and just right that I didn’t take any pictures on the first day of school (except for the annual one of the kids standing outside the front door with bare feet). So, let me go reorganize their desks, take pictures and then I’ll add those here. I can honestly say that, yes, my desk looks like this all the time! There are a few exceptions, for instance, I have papers and books out while I grade and do lesson planning. Oh, and I usually have a bottle of water on it. The kids’ desks, on the other hand, do not usually look like this. Good grief, is this three true confessions in one blog post? I’d better quit before I get any further behind!

How was your first day of school? Was everything as organized as you would like for it to have been? Or did you spend the day trying to find the workbooks and keep the kids on task? Leave me a comment letting me know how your first day of school was!

Mom’s desk, Kitty, Sissy